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MZ Media Marketing is dedicated to supporting local business owners in securing an online presence through interactive advertising campaigns, customized web design, and tailored consulting services. Being founded by two Brentwood entrepreneurs, MZ Media Marketing understands both the desires of consumers in the area and the needs of small businesses.

Zachary Pakin
General Partner

Zachary (Zack) Pakin is a Computer Science student at UCLA with experience co-owning MZ Computing and serving as the Assistant Director at local non-profit The East Bay Saxophone Project. Throughout his life, Zachary has worked closely with small businesses to provide creative solutions to technology-related problems. 

Matthew Wieland
General Partner

Matthew Wieland is an experienced entrepreneur and small-business owner. Matthew currently runs both MZ Media Marketing and Matt's Computer Services, and formerly co-owned MZ Computing. A current marketing student, Matthew knows the specific strategies small businesses need to grow and succeed.

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